EFT[ 15 JUN 2016 ]
 Supervision[ 13 JUN 2016 ]
 Relationship Therapy[ 13 JUN 2016 ]
 Counselling Services[ 07 SEP 2015 ]
 Relate trained, experienced couples counsellor.[ 17 MAY 2007 ]
 Carola Haywood (PG.Dip, Cert Relate) is an experienced couples counsellor.
 About Carola[ 17 MAY 2007 ]
 Carola is experienced and qualified in both general counselling and couple counselling. Her qualifications include a postgraduate diploma in counselling and further training in couple work (with Relate and ICEEFT).
 Chester Counselling and Relationship Therapy[ 17 MAY 2007 ]
 Carola is an experienced qualified counsellor helping couples and individuals in Chester.
 Contact[ 17 MAY 2007 ]
 Contact Carola for confidential, professional counselling for individuals and couples.
 Counselling in Chester[ 17 MAY 2007 ]
 I offer a warm, professional and thoughtful counselling service in Chester for individuals and couples.
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